Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus

Breathing in the Shallows
with works:
Purgatory I, stainless steel, wood, silk, resin cast with aluminum and tin powder, lighter, 2021
Purgatory II (edition of 2), stainless steel, wood, silk, resin cast with aluminum and tin powder, 2021
Get down, get down little Henry Lee and stay all night with me (edition of 2), aluminum, steel, digital print on silk, electricity cables, led lights, 2019
Thistle mirror I-III, stainless steel, 2020
Table I-II (Breathing in the Shallows), wood, steel, aluminium, linen, resin, cast with tin and aluminum powder, 2021
Swing (Breathing in the Shallows), wood, steel, aluminum, linen, rubber cables, 2021

Breathing in the Shallows features a body of works oscillating around the subject of transformation and the possible afterlife of matter. Reflecting on how the future is continually reconstructed from former events, the objects draw inspiration from past aesthetics or forgotten motifs that return like ghosts - commonly thought to be outdated or lost.

The mixing of times and motifs is evident in the recurring ornamental details that come from different epochs. These elements point to the hybrid nature of history and represent an attempt to tame the change as an inevitable part of reality.

In the past, it was the ritual that emphasized the potentiality of the transformation, allowing to imagine parallel worlds, or worlds that are yet to come. In the course of rituals, the fiction was implemented into systems of rational and sensual knowledge. Future was being opened for a multitude of scenarios and ordinary objects were gaining a supernatural status that was not necessarily related to their original use.

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exhibition view:
Breathing in the Shallows
EastContemporary, Milan, Italy
photos: EastContemporary